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Heart & Soul Studio create a series of fun and engaging, yet affordable paper made products. With over 40 years of industry experience, we began our journey by becoming leaders in quality Christmas crackers at a range of price points. We proudly hold onto our legacy, bringing with us our wealth of experience, knowledge and loyal approach to business.

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Our sustainable approach

Being conscious about our ethics and the environment has been close to our heart (and soul) at the studio from our first day – from design to material sourcing and our manufacturing processes, we always look for the best way to bring great products which are also as kind as possible to the planet and all the people we work with.

Reused, recycled, composted or biodegraded

Sourcing the most environmentally sound materials to work with, we aim to produce products that can either be reused, recycled, composted or biodegraded. Wherever we can we strive to reduce the use of raw materials and minimise our waste generation.

We always strive to use FSC paper in our products, and our Quality Control and Assurance teams work tirelessly across the world to ensure our products are suitably tested and reach recognised standards and directives.

Being members of SEDEX, we work to ensure that we respect human rights right across our processes, end to end.

We also ensure that we provide and maintain a safe and enjoyable working environment for our staff and partners. And work with suppliers wherever possible who are committed to being as environmentally focused as possible using ISO and EUTR standards.

We guide and advise through every step of product development to highlight any environmentally sound choices that might be possible, so far we have:
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Significantly reduced plastic use

Reduced to 85% plastic-free in 2021

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Make use of recyclable materials and reusable items

Our packaging is 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable.


Our packaging is 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

In 2021 97% of our products are FSC Certified and 100% responsibly sourced

Here are just some of the high standards we insist upon

All factories we work with comply with all necessary ethical and technical requirements and are audited on a regular basis.

  • Module E Certificate of conformity according to Directive 2013/29/EU of pyrotechnic articles.
  • Module B Certificate of conformity according to Directive 2013/29/EU of pyrotechnic articles.

  • FSC Certificate
  • OPRL Member (The On-Pack Recycling Label scheme)

  • Sedex Membe