2023…Christmas Crackers Trends in Review

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As 2023 draws to a close we have been looking back and reflecting on the trends we have noticed in the Christmas cracker industry this year…if you’re interested, we thought we would share them with you.

Catering Christmas Crackers Wholesale

With our wholesale catering Christmas crackers, we have seen a real swing towards the more naturalistic winter foliage designs with our Natural Wreath and Holly Leaves designs flying off the shelves.

Both designs are made from FSC mix paper…the eco Christmas crackers wholesale are becoming much more popular across all our ranges, and we will be working towards extending all our crackers eco credentials.

The Holly Leaves cracker is one of our 10-inch crackers which has been carried over from our 2022 range. This year the crackers contents were puzzles, which always go down very well at parties. As it has proved so popular, we will be reimagining this design for 2024 with brand new contents!

Our Natural Wreath crackers are exceptional quality and have been incredibly popular with hotels and caterers. The contents are superior reusable mini gifts including a magic trick, tweezers, cookie cutter, bottle opener, snap hook, screwdriver keyring and nail clippers.

Of course, our 2024 Catering Christmas Crackers Wholesale range will continue to feature a range of crackers sizes and contents with a choice of colours and designs, but you can certainly expect to see further nature inspired designs. We are also working on making 100% of our range FSC certified too.

Retail Wholesale Christmas Crackers

In our retail wholesale Christmas crackers, there has been more of a split in sales. Natural designs have once again been popular with our classic Red Robin design selling very well. However, the Pastel Swirl Xylophone crackers from our Foxy range have also proved to be a winner with retail buyers.

Red Robin is part of our Luxury Kraft range – new for 2023 this 13-inch cracker has been a real winner. Filled with thoughtful gifts including a noughts and crosses game, cookie cutter, washi tape, paper clip and trolley coin, they have been very well received.

Once again this cracker has great eco-credentials; the crackers themselves and the packaging are recyclable, the contents are non-plastic and reusable and they are made from FSC certified paper.

The great thing about the Xylophone crackers is that they could be purchased for any occasion, not just Christmas! They are a bigger cracker; 12-inches and come in trays of 8. The set comes with a musical sheet and baton, plus each cracker has a xylophone note and percussion stick inside. We can’t guarantee harmony, but these crackers are fun for all ages!

2023 Christmas Cracker Trend Conclusions

So, what have we learnt from our Top Sellers in 2023?

With Catering Christmas Crackers Wholesale

Naturalistic Designs


High quality reusable contents

With Retail Christmas Crackers Wholesale


Fun for all the family

Big crackers are king!

It won’t be long now until we reveal our 2024 range and you’ll be able to see how what was popular in 2023 along with upcoming trends and influences have affected next year’s range! Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for more…2024 range will be launching in January 2024!


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