A day in the life our wonderful sales team



As with any manufacturers or suppliers, here at Heart and Soul Studio (the original home of Celebration crackers, don’t you know?) our sales team is at the heart of our business.

Working in the Christmas industry where wholesale Christmas crackers are predominantly only needed for the big day and maybe Boxing Day, people always ask “what do you do for the rest of the year?” We felt it was time for an insight as to what a day might look like in the sales team throughout the year!

A day in the life at Heart and Soul Studio where no two days are the same!


Yes, we are all busy. Modern working life is hectic and challenging.  But the sales team have to multitask. As project managers, they have to juggle conflicting requirements, timeframes, other departments and the customer. All at once. And they do it very well.

A typical day for starts with a good coffee as they catch up on emails in preparation of the day ahead. We deal with a vast number of customers across the retail and hospitality industry internationally, each having their own wholesale Christmas cracker needs/requirements.

At Heart and Soul Studio, each account manager has their own portfolio of customers to nurture and manage. We are there from beginning to end to assist with everything from decisions on crackers, product information, photography, deliveries and so much more.


Whether it is a CP (critical path), a design specification, a worksheet or forecast, the sales teams day is full of spreadsheets. If there is a graph involved then even better! The pivot table and v-look up are their best friends.



Productivity (and where there is productivity there is noise)

The phone rings, there is banter, they can be quite demanding of other departments and they hold a lot of meetings. It is quite hectic but the common theme is getting stuff done.

A core part of the sales teams day-to-day is contacting existing customers with brochures and pricelist, sharing product knowledge to assist in their selections, covering questions, quoting, confirming orders and generally being that point of contact that our customers trust.

When you are within a fast paced, agile and proactive organisation, you have to think on your feet and work hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time.


Clear communication is key as a project/account manager. They are a pivotal role within the organisation requiring clear, concise and quick communications.

Growing our business through new opportunities is a key responsibility of the team. Going out hunting for business is like jumping down a rabbit hole! We are fortunate as a business to work with some of the leading retailers and hospitality venues across the globe, but there is always someone else who needs a Christmas cracker! The team love talking to people and bringing new customers into our festive world where we have something for everyone.



A huge part of the sales calendar are our trade shows. They seem to come round quicker every year! Now if you think we just show up at a readymade stand, look glam for 4 days and then go home you would be wrong! Our main trade shows fall in January and February so no sooner has the turkey cooled and we’ve recycled the Christmas tree, we are off into another year.

Trade shows are an integral part of our business, a chance to showcase our incredible range of products but most importantly meet our customers. But these take planning well in advance. As one finishes, we are planning the next.


The team love what they do. We pride ourselves on our customer service and that goes across the company so whilst they may look like swans on the outside (cool calm and collected), underneath the feet are constantly paddling to ensure our customers get the seamless, professional and knowledgeable service that they know and love. Meeting people and matching them to their perfect wholesale Christmas crackers is rewarding. No two days are ever the same but that is what makes the sales teams job so exciting. If you didn’t love Christmas before you joined the company, you soon will!

Get involved!!

Experience first hand the wonderful world of crackers and get in touch with one of the team via our contact us form on the website or email hello@heartandsoul.studio


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