Buying Advice for Catering Christmas Crackers UK



What are the key considerations when purchasing wholesale catering Christmas crackers UK when you are in the hospitality industry? We have tried to break down the key areas below.

Catering crackers come in many forms, with the key two variables being retail and catering.

What are wholesale retail Christmas crackers?

These are celebration crackers in a tray, usually 6,8 or 12 in a pack, which a consumer would buy off shelf to take home and use on Christmas day. All the information on the contents is on the back of the cracker tray.

What are wholesale catering Christmas crackers?

These celebration crackers are sold loose in a carton. They are designed for the end user to find, as if magically placed by Christmas elves, on their festive party table. Caterers, hoteliers, events organisers, publicans and restauranteurs all purchase catering crackers. As you aren’t paying for a tray, they tend to be a cheaper way to buy Christmas crackers in bulk.

What are the key things to consider when buying catering Christmas crackers UK?

Catering Christmas Crackers for Sophisticated Events


With such a competitive market for Christmas parties and functions, your price per head is a key consideration and a Christmas cracker is usually one of the factors to include in this price. Our celebration crackers start at 26p per cracker so something for every budget. When buying large quantities, please bear in mind the price break. If you hit a pallets worth of cartons (which varies dependent on SKU) you will save as your order will then fall into band 2 pricing which saves on average £4.50 per carton.


If you have a table or event colour scheme or theme, we appreciate you are looking for a cracker which compliments this plan. Our range of wholesale Christmas crackers have all bases covered with red, gold silver, botanical and foiled options in 4 different sizes, and two manufacturing techniques (see our previous blog on cracker types for more detail)

Customer Expectations

If your customer is paying £55 for a festive meal, they expect a cracker to be part of this. If your diners are paying £125 for a Christmas celebration, they expect a really special Christmas cracker.


Our catering Christmas cracker sales were up in 2023 from 2022 showing that the industry is bouncing back from the difficulties of Covid. Several clients came back and reordered in November as their bookings exceeded their expectations. A great issue to have! But perhaps a smarter buy at the start of the season is the sensible move. Get your PO in, your budget confirmed and your quantity on order. Secondary orders are possible but we can’t guarantee your chosen design will still be available at the 11th hour. Don’t risk having to compromise for second rate Christmas crackers when you’ve sold out and had to add more covers. Plan ahead and buy smart!

mistletoe christmas crackers on table

Other things to consider when buying catering Christmas crackers UK

If you have more than one venue, order all your requirement at once and save. We can deliver wholesale crackers to multiple UK addresses.

If you are a family venue or are hosting family orientated events, please consider our Santa and reindeer 10” Christmas Crackers. Designs for children, these crackers are festive and fun. They contain a Christmas festive scene activity with stickers.

New for 2024 we are offering UK handmade wholesale Christmas crackers in 3 different designs. Starting from £3 per cracker, if you are looking for something super special, these are for you.

If you have multiple venues, do you have an order exceeding 500 cartons? If so, perhaps you’d like to look at a bespoke celebration cracker option. This is our forte and we can offer very competitive prices on branded Christmas crackers. Whether you take a design from our range and add on your logo, change the content or design your own, we can help!

Our brochures and look books, found on our website here,  are segregated into retail and catering to make it easy to navigate to which format you need.

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