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You won’t be surprised to hear that we LOVE Christmas…the food, the presents, the decorations, the crackers (of course), but more than anything it is a time to get together with loved ones and make special memories.

Unfortunately, the festive season is also a time when environmental impact tends to increase. We want to lessen this as much as possible and we know that sustainability is important to our Retail and Hospitality customers, as well as the people who get to pull our crackers. With that in mind we thought we should share with you some of the ways that our wholesale eco Christmas crackers are spreading green joy!

The Paper

70% of our crackers use FSC certified paper and we aim to have 100% of our range FSC certified by 2024. But what does this actually mean in real terms?

FSC paper often contains recycled paper, but it does not have to contain it to be certified. The main requirement is that it is being harvested and produced in an eco-friendly way. That means the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biodiversity, benefits the lives of local people and sustains economic viability. There are actually ten principles that a forest operation must adhere to before it can be FSC certified.

The Packaging

100% of our packaging is plastic free. Our packaging can always be recycled and our Kraft and By Nature range packaging could be composted. We have designed all our packaging to use the minimum amount of material to ensure little to no wastage.

The Contents

We call what’s in our crackers ‘Conscious Contents’ because we have put serious thought into them being as eco-friendly as possible. All our cracker contents are plastic free (so no magic fish I’m afraid) and can either be reused multiple times or recycled. Reusable contents include items like cookie cutters and mini graters and recyclable contents include things like paper tape and paper games.

The Finishes

Our beautifully designed Christmas crackers include finishing touches such as ribbons, sparkling berries and even imitation gemstones. We choose our finishes to be as eco-friendly as possible and are always looking for ways to deliver stunning, new designs that are still sustainable.


We audit the factories we work with on a regular basis to ensure they are compliant with ethical and technical requirements. As proud members of SEDEX, we work to ensure that we respect human rights across our organisation, from end to end. We ensure that all our staff and partners enjoy a safe working environment.  

What Else

We are always thinking about what else we can do as a business to be more sustainable. This year we started donating all our left-over papers, ribbons and other trimmings to the Dorset Scrapstore

The Dorset Scrapstore is a wonderful local initiative that provides a community hub to re-use scrap materials for craft projects. Individuals, Groups and Schools take up an annual membership and then they can drop in and buy Scrap Bags to use in their craft projects and some of the things they create are truly inspiring! We hope you found this blog about the green credentials of our Eco-friendly Christmas crackers useful. If you have a specific question about the sustainability of our products our Team would be happy to help. Or if you would like to buy Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers in Bulk for your Retail or Hospitality business just get in touch

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