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This year is Foxy’s 3rd Birthday! We are celebrating in several ways…amazing new logo, cute new characters and, most exciting of all, a new range of brilliant Foxy products! What we also thought we would do is give you a little background on Foxy…a sort of This is Your Life for the brand. 

The Birth of Foxy

Foxy was born from the desire to expand the Heart & Soul Studio range beyond the festive season and Christmas crackers. Our innovative team got their heads together (with some hot beverages and cake obviously) and brainstormed ideas. They found a gap in the market for gaming crackers. Everyone loves a cracker at Christmas and many family occasions include family games so combining the two seemed like a no-brainer.

Are there still Christmas crackers in the Foxy range?

Well, of course, we couldn’t leave Christmas out altogether! The Foxy range still includes festive fun with Christmas themed Pass the Parcel games and Christmas crackers for all the family to enjoy, but it also includes games crackers that could be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Why the name Foxy?

Heading up the Innovation team is Aimee Lam, daughter of owners Kim and Sam. So, when the birth of Aimee’s first child; Fox, coincided with the birth of Foxy it seemed a natural choice. 

What makes Foxy different?

Many of Heart & Soul Studio’s products are based around Christmas celebrations, but Foxy brought an opportunity to bring extra joy to any special family occasion. Foxy focuses on children, but the games can be enjoyed by all the family. The style is fun and light-hearted and the characters make you smile. 

What about these new characters?

The Foxy characters exude warmth and embody the festive spirit. We imagine them as a close-knit group of friends, often engaging in joyful activities like decorating the Christmas tree or enjoying a meal together. They bring holiday cheer to any family gathering.

The Characters are 

Kris Kringle 
Jess Kringle
Polar Paws

And the Merry Crew…

Why would you want to buy the Foxy range?  

The best thing about Foxy products is that they can be enjoyed by the whole family – they are fun that everyone can join in with. The range also has bright eye-catching packaging, which is perfect for attracting customers. And last, but certainly not least, all Foxy products have reusable or recyclable contents. Some of the Foxy games could stay in the household for years.

What’s next for Foxy?

Undoubtably, we will keep expanding the Foxy range…we already have some very exciting ideas in the pipeline for 2025! 

If you want to see what Foxy has on offer for 2024 then keep your eye on our website, because the new range will be launching soon or come and see us at the Harrogate Christmas and Gift Fair in January or the NEC Spring Fair in February!  

If you are already a client, get in touch with your Account Manager for a preview of the 2024 Brochure – available now! 


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