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We are extremely proud to have been selected to produce Christmas crackers for some well-known brands.
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We are extremely proud to have been selected to produce Christmas crackers for several well-known brands. We work together with them to create crackers that reflect their aesthetic and appeal to their audience. All our licenced designs are available to buy from our wholesale Christmas crackers range.

In the past, we have worked with many well-known names in the retail space, including Ridley’s, Ros Shears and The Natural History Museum to name but a few.

This year we have two brands on board, and we thought we’d give you a run-down of them ahead of the upcoming launch of our 2024 range, which will include three exciting new licensees!

Thornback and Peel

Established in 2007 by Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel they create beautiful, intricate screen-printed pieces for the home. Their signature style plays on artistic traditions, combining modernist geometric patterns with 19th century wood engravings. Think an eclectic mix of Victoriana, Mrs Beeton’s Household Management and Mr McGregor’s Garden.

Their range already includes kitchenware, tableware, wallpapers and fabrics and accessories including stationery, bags and hot water bottles.

We first worked with the team at Thornback & Peel in 2009 to create handmade crackers. Revisiting this relationship in 2022, we have utilised the Rabbit and Cabbage design and their well-loved Rabbit & Christmas Pudding cracker design, for a truly festive feel. As well as the cracker designs reflecting the authenticity of the brand it was also important that the contents matched too.  The Thornback & Peel cracker contents are plastic free and include cookie cutters, paper tape, screwdriver keyring, bespoke stickers and magnet.

The Thornback & Peel range is made from FSC certified paper. The crackers and the packaging are completely recyclable too.

Get in touch if you are interested in stocking the Thornback & Peel Christmas crackers in your store.

Professor Puzzle

Professor Puzzle is a UK-based specialist puzzles and games manufacturer. Their team of 80 talented game masters craft innovative metal and wooden puzzles and games for all ages and abilities.

In 2021, we started working with the Professor Puzzle team to create Cracker versions of their iconic games for release in 2022. So far, we have manufactured three wholesale Christmas crackers; Generation Genius, Quizoo Roulette and Scavenger Hunt.

The Professor Puzzle Crackers are not specifically Christmassy, so they can be sold all year round to enhance any event or celebration.

Generation Genius – is a kids versus adults quick-fire trivia game – perfect for special family occasions.

Scavenger Hunt – players take it in turn to spin the spinner and search for household objects – great fun for all ages and can even be played in teams.

Quizoo Roulette – a musical skills game, toot a well-known hit on the kazoo and the other players must guess what it is.

As well as the game element, the crackers also include a satisfying snap, hat and joke or motto. The cracker and packaging designs are bright and fun, encapsulating the feeling of Professor Puzzle.

Get in touch with our sales team if you think Professor Puzzle crackers would make a great addition to your store.

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