Wholesale Christmas Crackers for Unforgettable Celebrations

Heart & Soul Studio


With the launch of our 2024 range, we thought now would be a great time to reveal our top 5 Retail Christmas Crackers from this year’s collection.

With UK handmade epitomising luxury and elegance to fun family favourites and full gifting collections, this year at Heart & Soul Studio we have it all and we’ll share with you some styling inspiration too!


Let’s get started…


Berry Christmas            

box of berry christmas crackers

Part of our UK Handmade Deli range, Berry Christmas incorporates two cracker designs; the first, a botanical design adorned with a lush burgundy berries and bright green foliage and the second a textured deep green paper. Both are accented with red raffia bows for a timeless look and feel. Presented in a tasteful kraft tray, these crackers are the perfect blend of traditional charm and contemporary elegance.

box of berry christmas crackers on table

The sophisticated colour palette adds a touch of opulence to celebrations, especially when combined with traditional tartans and bold red or green napkins. We found that beautiful beeswax candles and simple stoneware crockery worked perfectly with these crackers creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The addition of an open fire didn’t hurt either!

berry christmas crackers inside gifts

Each cracker is a joy to pull revealing a satisfying snap and carefully curated contents.


Silver Botanical

silver botanical christmas crackers


Presented as a Super Deluxe Box of 8, Silver Botanical is the epitome of luxury embodied in a 13” cracker with silver print, gold details, silver bows and exquisite contents. These crackers define opulence with their attention to detail and lavish design.

silver botanical christmas crackers on plate

We have paired Silver Botanical with delicate blue and white ceramics and cut glassware edged in gold, displayed against a beautiful floral table dressing accentuated with handfuls of glossy green ivy and warm white lights. Silver Botanical is the perfect choice for a country Christmas or for an even warmer, cosier feel you could try Golden Botanical with gold trenchers, deep orange linens and dried orange segments.

silver botanical christmas crackers inside gifts

Whether you choose silver or golden the contents are guaranteed to delight revealing an elegantly designed hat, witty joke and metallic contents.


12 Days

12 days christmas crackers


These 12 x 12” Christmas crackers, part of our Deluxe range are adorned with scenes from the famous Christmas song. These family favourites will elevate Christmas celebrations making a delightful and thematic addition to holiday decorations.

12 days christmas crackers in circle

Use them to adorn your festive table or take a leaf out of our book and create a fun advent calendar. Each cracker is a unique surprise, featuring one of a variety of gifts that will be loved by every member of the family. On a hessian tablecloth or hanging with rustic clothes pegs from the mantle they are sure to add a classic, yet joyful feeling to festive occasions.

12 days christmas crackers insdie gifts

Create cherished moments for everyone with this deluxe collection that combines joy, tradition and the spirit of the season.


Christmas Forest

christmas forest christmas crackers


These fun, stylised Christmas crackers are part of our Christmas Forest Gifting Collection which includes complementary products including gift wrap and tags, paper tape, raffia and place cards. The design is visually striking and features a chic raffia tie, adding a touch of modern flair to your festive décor.

christmas forest christmas crackers on plate

We’ve combined the Christmas Forest design with a bold red tablecloth, traditional greenery and simple white crockery for a stylish, modern aesthetic with festive charm and warmth. The whole Christmas Forest set creates a pulled together look with ease.

christmas forest christmas crackers inside gifts

Unwrap the joy of the season with each pull revealing a spirited snap, light hearted joke and delightful surprise gift.



harlequin christmas crackers


Add a burst of festive elegance to your Christmas table with our Eleanor Bowmer designed crackers. These stunning 13″ crackers come in a tray of 6 and are each adorned with a beautiful red bow. The bold colours and metallic foil will elevate your festive celebrations.

harlequin christmas crackers on tree


We’ve styled the Eleanor Bowmer Harlequin Christmas Crackers into the Christmas Tree itself, where they bring a touch of artistic flair and a joyful look and feel. Once pulled the beautifully crafted, brightly coloured paper decorations can be used along with golden stars and warm white lights to brighten your home for years to come.

harlequin christmas crackers in front of tree

As well as the captivating and uniquely designed decorations you will also discover a hat, a spirited snap, a light hearted joke or motto.


Whatever your style; traditional to modern, family-friendly to arty-original our 2024 Retail Wholesale Christmas Cracker range has something for you and your customers. We hope this blog has given you some ideas of what to look out for in our Retail cracker range this year, but of course there is lots more to choose from. You can check out the full range here and of course don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like prices on these or any of our other Retail Christmas products.

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