Licensed Christmas Crackers

We are exceptionally proud to work with many well-known brands to produce Christmas crackers under license. All of these Licensed Christmas crackers are available to buy from our retail wholesale Christmas cracker range.

Our current licensees include such household names as Thornback & Peel, Professor Puzzle, Eleanor Bowmer, Laura Ashley and Big Potato – all of whom we work alongside to design and manufacture Christmas crackers which reflect their aesthetic and appeal to their audience.

From papers to packaging, contents to finishing our UK design studio and UK and Far East based manufacturing facilities ensure that our licensed Christmas crackers always meet the brand’s needs. We would be delighted to discuss licensed Christmas crackers for your brand.

Licensed Crackers

by Brand

About Us

Heart and Soul Studio exists to bring a little bit of joy to any occasion - whether that’s a big family event, or just the everyday moments.

Our products help bring people together by adding that extra magic touch to the big moments in life, and a little bit of extra joy to the everyday moments.

Whether it is for wholesale retail or bulk catering buyers, we are the go-to company for exquisite paper products for special occasions.


Our aim is that all our products can be either reused, recycled, composted or biodegraded. 70% of our crackers use FSC certified paper and we aim to have 100% of our range FSC certified by 2024.

As members of SEDEX, we work to ensure that we respect human rights across our organisation, from end to end. We ensure that all our staff and partners enjoy a safe working environment.

85% of our products and 100% of our packaging are plastic free. For peace of mind you can look out for the eco icons in our brochures, on our website and our product packaging.