As the proud owners of the legendary “Celebration Crackers” brand, our depth of knowledge across the product category is second to none, as we produce and sell millions of all our favourite Christmas icon which adorns so many tables as friends and families share precious time together celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

Here is just a selection of some of our most sought after ranges:


Our traditional Christmas Cracker range continues to offer seasonal classics, incorporating the colours we all associate with the festive season, filled with some unique gifts. These products are made using FSC-Certified materials and are 100% plastic free.


Our new collection of Kraft Christmas Crackers are 100% plastic free and have been designed with sustainability in mind. These FSC Certified Retail Crackers will make a wonderful addition to any Christmas display. With a variety of colours, designs and delicate features on the packaging these will certainly stand out to the eco-conscious customer. we have carefully selected the gifts we use to fill our Crackers, opting for reusable products only.


Harping back to an era of elegance and grace, we’ve paired classic Regency style with sophisticated gifts. Perfect for anyone wanting to make a bold statement, whatever the occasion.


A fantastic way to cater for any friend and family occasions. Filled with a fun Do I Know You paddle game to get the party started.


Keep it classic or go bold and bright. With a huge range of designs and colours to choose from, we’ve made a Deluxe cracker to match the sharpest party host’s table decor.

Super Deluxe

Our Super Deluxe 14-inch crackers are truly impressive and of exceptional quality. Larger than a standard cracker, they are the perfect accompaniment for Christmas dinner, a New Year’s party or any other occasion you’re looking to celebrate.

Colour me in

Perfect for children, parents, grandparents... and everyone in between, these colour me in Christmas crackers will add a touch of individuality to every Christmas table. Just colour, roll, fill and tie and you’re good to go!


It’s not hard to love something as cute as our dinky Mini Cube crackers, all guests will have a small reminder of unforgettable celebrations.


Our pet Christmas crackers are purr-fect for your four legged friends, ensure they can be part of the festivities too! Our pet crackers don’t contain a snap in order not to damage their ears, however do contain a toy to keep them busy whilst you tuck into your Christmas dinner.


Perfect for children, parents, grandparents... and everyone in between, these novelty crackers will add a touch of individuality to every Christmas table.


Introducing our new brand of interactive party crackers, bringing the family favourites to your home. The Foxy range has been designed using playful characters and attractive colours so they can be used throughout the year for any celebration. There is a selection of interactive and musical games. All contents are reusable.

Around the World

We have taken our famous Christmas cracker range far and wide introducing new markets to the concept which has something for everyone to enjoy with their festive feasts. Our extensive range of designs and unusual gifts is available outside of the UK too, being enjoyed in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and France to name just a few places!

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