recycling your christmas crackers

recycling your christmas crackers

If your crackers are made of cardboard and have no foil coating or glitter, then they can be recycled… Yay! Just make sure the spent snap, and any ribbon or additional plastic have been removed before putting into your recycling bin. Remember to keep hold of the ribbon for arts and crafts!

Our Sustainable Approach

Being environmentally conscious and sustainable in our approach is very close to our hearts and embraced through our design, material sourcing and manufacturing processes. Guiding our clients through each product development, we encourage and advise the most sustainable choices along the way, as we know we aren’t alone with our passion for sustainability.

  • Significantly reduced plastic use
  • Using recyclable materials and re-usable items
  • Using recycled or responsibly sourced paper

…are just some of the ways we are doing our bit to make a difference.

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