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Tropical By Nature

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For the ultimate eco-friendly cracker and plastic-free partyware, the Heart and Soul by Nature collection is made from used paper coffee cups.

Our Tropical range features two joyfully vibrant designs – making them the perfect accessory for celebrations of any kind.

Each Cracker contains a Kraft Hat, Satisfying Snap, Amusing Joke/Motto & one of the following Gifts:

Beeswax Wrap, Mini Soap Bar, Seed Markers, Wooden Honey Drizzler, Bee Saving Seeds, Garden Twine, Colouring Pencils & Marbles.

What was once a product destined for landfill, is now transformed into paper and used in our beautiful, Heart and Soul by Nature range of notebooks, wrapping paper, greetings cards and crackers.

Circular design where waste materials are upcycled into our new functional and Eco conscious products.