Candy Cane 12″ Cracker

Embrace timeless charm with our Candy Cane 12″ crackers, a classic addition that never goes out of fashion. Designed with a thoughtful touch, each cracker features a space to write guests’ names, doubling up as both festive decor and a personalized place card. Packaged in a tray of 12, each cracker includes a raffia tie, a hat, a lighthearted joke or motto, a spirited snap, and one of a range of amusing gifts.

Enhance your table setting with the delightful Candy Cane crackers, where the iconic design adds a festive touch and the personalization makes each guest feel special. Unwrap the joy of the season with each pull, revealing a spirited snap, a stylish hat, and surprises that bring laughter to your celebrations.

Elevate your holiday gatherings with the Candy Cane crackers, where the combination of classic design and thoughtful details ensures a festive atmosphere filled with warmth and joy. Make your Christmas table truly special with this charming addition to your traditions.

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