Champagne Glitter 13″ Cracker

Immerse yourself in the essence of refined celebration with our 13″ handmade crackers, adorned in a lavish Champagne Gold print, complemented by opulent bows and intricate metallic content. Crafted in the artisanal workshops of Dorset, these crackers redefine luxury with their sumptuous design and meticulous detailing.

The champagne gold print, paired with generous bows, transforms each cracker into a glistening masterpiece that promises to be the highlight of your festivities. The decorative trims add an extra layer of sophistication, making these crackers the epitome of tasteful celebration.

Unveil the spirit of merriment with every pull, as these crackers not only deliver a satisfying snap but also reveal an exquisitely designed hat and a playful joke or motto. Beyond being a festive accessory, these crackers are a symbol of luxury, where the champagne gold radiance and expert craftsmanship from Dorset converge to create an unparalleled celebration experience.

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