Eclectic Array 13″ Cracker

Introducing our Eclectic Array handmade crackers, where each piece is a unique work of art, crafted from our diverse catalogue of papers to create a one-of-a-kind tray for every customer. Immerse yourself in the charm of individuality as no two trays are alike, showcasing a vibrant and eclectic mix of patterns and colours.

Embracing a commitment to quality, these handmade crackers feature carefully curated content that adds a touch of sophistication to your celebrations. Accents of gold bring a hint of luxury, while quirky prints inject a playful and whimsical spirit into the mix.

Celebrate the joy of uniqueness with each pull, unveiling not just a satisfying snap, but a bespoke experience that reflects your individual style. Elevate your gatherings with the Eclectic Array, where the fusion of diverse patterns, quality content, and touches of gold create a celebration as unique as you are.

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