Fruity Bees 13″ Cracker

The addition of using paper from recycled coffee cups in the Heart and Soul by Nature range enhances our commitment to sustainability by incorporating innovative and eco-friendly materials into their products. This not only showcases our dedication to repurposing waste but also highlights our support for circular design principles.

The sustainable and thoughtful gifts in the crackers, combined with the eco-conscious materials, create a holistic approach to responsible consumerism. By aligning our brand with environmental values and offering greener alternatives, the Heart and Soul by Nature range is not only contributing to reducing landfill waste but also promoting a positive and conscientious consumer mindset.

The crackers offer a delightful and eco-conscious twist on traditional holiday or celebration items. Each cracker contains a variety of thoughtful and sustainable gifts, including Beeswax Wrap, Mini Soap Bar, Seed Markers, Wooden Honey Drizzler, Bee Saving Seeds, Garden Twine, Colouring Pencils, and Marbles.

Our efforts to positively impact the environment through the use of recycled materials and sustainable practices are likely to resonate positively with environmentally conscious consumers, further promoting a shift towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

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