Pin the Conk on the Gonk

Embrace the whimsical charm with our lovely Foxy Gonk Crackers, a delightful addition that promises to bring smiles to the whole family. These novelty Gonk-shaped crackers stand tall at 8.5″ and come in a tray of 6. Inside each cracker, discover a hat, a spirited snap, a lighthearted joke or motto, and a unique numbered nose sticker.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! The tray includes a Pin the Nose on the Gonk poster, allowing everyone to join in the laughter. Use the numbered nose stickers and aim for the right spot on the poster—plus, find a winners crown for the ultimate Gonk champion!

Elevate your holiday celebrations with the Foxy Gonk Crackers, where whimsical designs and interactive games ensure a joyful and memorable celebration. Make your festive traditions truly special with this unique addition that brings a touch of Gonk-inspired fun to your holiday table.

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