From careful design, right through to manufacturing and delivery we strive to create beautiful products that are both kind to the planet, and the people we work with.

By sourcing the most environmentally sound materials to work with we aim to produce products that can be either reused, recycled, composted or biodegraded.

We strive to use FSC certified paper in all our Christmas crackers, products and accessories and right now 70% of our range has reached this goal. We have carefully designed all our packaging so it is using the minimum amount of material, ensuring little to no wastage and all our packaging can be recycled.

We put serious thought into the contents of our crackers to make them as sustainable as possible. All our cracker contents are either plastic free, can be used multiple times or recycled.

Even our finishes, such as ribbons, imitation berries and jewels are as eco-friendly as possible and we are always on the lookout for sustainable ways to deliver our stunning designs.

Our Quality Control and Assurance teams work tirelessly across our supply chain to ensure they reach and exceed ethical and technical directives. As proud members of SEDEX we ensure that human rights are respected throughout or organisation.

We continue to develop our sustainability practices year on year. This year we have introduced a policy of donating all our scrap materials such as papers, ribbons and trimmings to a local charity, Dorset Scrapstore, who provide a hub to re-use them for craft projects.

If you would like to know more about the sustainability of our products please get in touch.


Our aim is that all our products can be either reused, recycled, composted or biodegraded. 70% of our crackers use FSC certified paper and we aim to have 100% of our range FSC certified by 2024.

As members of SEDEX, we work to ensure that we respect human rights across our organisation, from end to end. We ensure that all our staff and partners enjoy a safe working environment.

85% of our products and 100% of our packaging are plastic free. For peace of mind you can look out for the eco icons in our brochures, on our website and our product packaging.